Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012


AMAZING week this week! Seriously, our lives are just too dang exciting right now. We're working hard and following counsel and doing our best and constantly trying to be better every day, and we're really being blessed for our efforts. But the humbling part is that it really is the Lord that does all the work that counts. We just try to be effective instruments and not get in the way :)

So where do I begin this week? Well last week I fasted for one of our investigators--the young woman whose dad is a recent convert and mother is not a member (her parents are divorced, and we're just waiting on the mother's permission before she can get baptized.) So I fasted for her mom. This week was the young woman's birthday (actually the same day that baby Austin was born--congratulations to Steven and Robin by the way :)) So we held a family home evening with them to celebrate her birthday. It went really well, and we received some exciting news. Her mom wasn't able to come to the family home evening, but really wanted to and wants us to come to her place sometime in the next couple of weeks to meet her! (we haven't met her yet), so it sounds like things are moving forward! I also received a text from the father the following day thanking us for the spiritual thought, and said that they were now as a family going to have a routine of reading the Book of Mormon together every night. I love experiences like that that confirm to me that I'm where the Lord wants me to be.

Then, I was able to go to Marjaniemi for the day on Thursday for splits with Sisar Christoffersen-- my old companion from the mtc :) She goes home soon-- just a few more weeks! It was a lot of fun to be with her one last time. We had great day together, and it was fun to switch things up and work in a different area. By the time I came back to Haaga with Sisar Ballif, it felt like I had been gone and away from her for a whole week!

But then we had an incredible and miraculous end to the week. Some elders in a neighboring area found some investigators in our area a little while ago, and they handed them off to us this week to start teaching them. They are the coolest, and one of them had a baptismal date for the 29th of this month. Another one of them is a lady from Greece, and has very strong faith in Christ. She loves meeting with us and talking about Christ, but was very turned off to the idea of being baptized again. She had previously been baptized in a different church, and had a great experience with that. We tried addressing her concern, and asked her to pray about it.

Then in church on sunday (side note-- our investigator class was FULL. Add that to our list of miracles for the week :)) this woman brought up her concern about baptism again in the middle of the lesson, which I am SO grateful that she did. There were so many people in that class who had experienced the same thing-- being baptized in a different church and then being baptized again in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints after learning about the restored gospel-- and they were able to tell her about their experiences and help resolve her conern. It was seriously so good. Later that night we met with her again and asked her what she thought about the sunday school lesson. She proceeded to talk again about her previous experience with baptism--so to me it sounded like she was still set and didn't want to change. But then she surprised me. She said that she was willing to be baptized again, and believed that God would answer her prayers before the 29th of september. I could hardly believe it! We were so thrilled.

So the week ended on an unbelievably high note. We also met our goal of 20 teaches this week--we've actually been a little lacking in that the past few weeks. Such a good week. Very rewarding. So grateful to be a missionary. So grateful to be in Finland. I love this work. I love the gospel. I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and our savior Jesus Christ.

I love you all :)

Sisar Shaw

On splits with Sisar Christofferson -- at a dinner appointment with a member and her son -- a future missionary:)
With Sisar Baliff -- countdown to General Conference -- only 26 more days!  We're reading a conference talk everyday leading up to it.

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