Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 20, 2012


Well I'll cut to the chase with the big news that you've all been waiting for: change calls came on Friday, and I wasn't all that surprised to hear that I'm staying in Haaga for at least 6 more weeks--and very likely until the end of my mission. It's wierd to think about how I'm going on my 5th change now in Haaga--which is how long I was in Tampere-- but time seems to be going by a lot faster here. It's also wierd to think that I'm going on change number 10 and I've still only ever served in 2 areas. I wouldn't say that that's super common, but it's also not unheard of either. I'm not sure why I keep sticking around so long--but I think the Lord has had a lot to teach me through that. And if I'm honest with myself, Tampere and Haaga were the only 2 areas that I even really wanted to serve in, so it's actually been a huge blessing. And I love this area :) I'm excited to see what the next change brings.

But our threesome is being broken up-- Sisar Shreeve is getting transferred to Marjaniemi--which is just across town in Helsinki, and is now the 6th area for sisters to serve in and it does mean a realignment in our districts. The Marjaniemi sisters are now part of the Helsinki district, which means that Haaga is now part of the Espoo district-- and that in and of it self feels like quite a change. (The Espoo district might be considered the "greater Helsinki area"). But it's an exciting change and a chance to meet new people. Sisar Ballif is staying here in Haaga with me :)

And our last week was good, although the news of change calls always seems to overshadow everything else. We had leadership training this week--my fourth time to attend (probably my last?)--and it was really great, as those meetings always are. And then while our trainees were in kieli koulu (language school) on thursday, I was able to attend the temple with Sisters Shreeve, Braegger and Mäki. Always a good experience :) I love the temple!

We continue to teach a lot--which is a blessing. It's why we're here :) But it can still be difficult at times to really know that we're doing the best things-- that we're really teaching and reaching out to all of the people that Heavenly Father wants to at this time. I think that's the most difficult thing for me. And it can be really stressful and overwhelming at times. But I never let myself get too stressed, because then I know I'm not doing what Heavenly Father wants me to. Stress can be an inhibitor of the spirit. God doesn't want us to be stressed :) That doesn't mean that like doesn't come with its fair share of difficulties and stresses, but it's our job to find joy in the journey. Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. And life sure is wonderful :)

Well, I love you all. No, I cannot believe that Cole is 12. There is no way that's possible. There is no way that Connor is leaving on his mission. There is no way that Bethany is already back from her mission. Time is such a wierd thing. I tell that to myself pretty much every day.


Sisar Shaw

p.s. yes, that was a correct use of the word "terve" :) hyvin tehty! (well done!)

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