Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Terve kaikille! (Hello to everyone... hey, actually I was looking in my sanakirja (dictionary) the other day and guess what was one of the definitions of the word "Terve": Howdy. No joke!)

So Howdy.

Time continues to roll right along. Hard to believe that another week has passed. This past week was a bit of an adjustment--getting used to it just being us 2 now, which also caused me to realize: "hey, wait a minute! I'm training Sisar Ballif!? When did this happen?" Well, at least I realized what a blessing it is (or was) to train in a threesome. I think this past week I started to feel a little bit of the pressure that comes from being a trainer--which I had never experienced before even though I've trained before and we've already been training Sisar Ballif for 6 weeks now--but this is my first time to do it alone. I just really want to give Sisar Ballif the best training experience possible because she is so wonderful and really just deserves the best. I'm learning from her everyday.
But it was a good week. I think we saw a lot of cool things happen. We were able to get a less active that we've been working with out to a fireside at the church--which is a step in the right direction towards getting him back at sacrament meeting! We had several teaches with investigators with members present at every single one. Members are the best! I think they are one of our best and most valuable missionary tools (so remember that :)) On one particular day we said a prayer right before leaving the apartment that we would find someone to teach on our way to our next appointment (which was all of a 5 minute walk away.) Sure enough, on our way there, a man riding his bicycle stopped us and said he had met with missionaries before and wanted to be in contact with us again. We met a man on the train a few days ago and invited him to come to church on sunday. And he came!
That's just kind of how our life goes. I wouldn't say that any of those things appeared to be huge miracles. But it's amazing to look at each of the small miracles that we see every day. They're all around us--we just need to keep our eyes open for them, notice them, and then write them down. It's true that the Lord's hand is in our life, but it is usually through small and simple means that He brings about that which is great. And we need to learn to rejoice in the little things. They really do make life wonderful.

Here's a cool story from yesterday: A bus load of about 50 tourists from America showed up at church on Sunday. One of them happened to be Elder Groberg (remember The Other Side of Heaven?) So I got to meet him and his wife and shake their hands. Elder Groberg left us with his blessing on us and our investigators. He was a really friendly man. And he spoke during sacrament meeting-- him and his brother, who actually served a few missions in Finland! Since there wasn't enough english translation headsets for all of the tourists, I translated the meeting for a couple of people. It was really cool to notice how dramatically my understanding of Finnish has increased. I'm not sure when that happened!

Well, I love you all :) I'm always glad to hear about all of the fun (and little) things that you do. Cherish those moments! I can't wait to hear about everyone's first week of school!


Sisar Shaw

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