Monday, July 30, 2012

July 23, 2012


Wow, I can't believe how many changes have happened in our family in the past year... none of them were I expecting when I left on my mission over a year ago. New babies, new workplace, new house, new state, and to top all of this craziness off, you're all now getting adjusted to having 2 missionaries out in the field. (How is that adjustment going, by the way?) I can just feel how hectic your lives are right now everytime I read your emails. But it's still something I always look forward to, and i continue to pray that everything goes well. And it sounds like things are working out just fine :)

And things continue to go well here on the Haaga front as well. Sisar Shreeve and Ballif and I are all having a blast here together. It's so funny how it all worked out-- in all honesty, I wasn't looking forward to training in a threesome again, but it has turned out to be the biggest blessing. I honestly forget that Sisar Ballif is still a new missionary sometimes, cause she's already a pro! I hardly view myself as her trainer at all. She's teaching me a lot. And somehow we all balance eachother out really well--I think we all work better together than any two of us put together would. Funny. But the sad thing is we already know that we're only going to be a threesome for 6 weeks because at the end of this transfer, the number of sisters in Finland will even out again. But that's still several weeks away, so we'll just see what happens. In the mean time, we're all just enjoying our time together.

We're seeing a lot of really cool things happen. We're teaching more, and we're finding more, and we're becoming more and more involved with the ward members here. We're continuing the pattern of going on splits with the ward members here a few times a week, and it is proving to be the biggest blessing in so many aspects. We cover more ground, we are able to get a lot more teaching appointments, we get a little more variety in the work that we do, and then the members get to participate in the work that we do as well, which in turn I think is making the ward members more excited about missionary work.

This last week we also had district meeting with President Rawlings and his wife at their house-- always a good experience, I always learn so much from them. We had interviews with president afterwards--which I always wish were longer. He definitely has the gift of discernment. As he and I were talking, he asked me seemingly out of the blue "have you been feeling tired lately?" to which I replied: "I'm exhausted!" And it's true, the past several months I've been feeling really tired a lot of the time, but President Rawlings and I were able to discuss a few things that could help, and it's been making a big difference. I'm now taking iron pills, and I'm doubling up on the amount of vitamin-d that I normally take and then I always try to be in bed by 10:00 every night. I had a LOT more energy this past week, which has also been a really huge blessing. (Anyways, not sure why I just told you that, but I thought it might be something that maybe mom might want to know.)

Anyways, thank you for your continued prayers and support. I love you all so so much!

Till next week!


Sisar Shaw

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