Monday, July 30, 2012

July 16, 2012

Terve Terve!

So wonderful to hear from you all. It is SO SURREAL to hear from Tyler in the MTC. I am so happy that you're there and just enjoying it and soaking it all in-- it is such a special place and it sounds like you're doing wonderfully and learning a lot. I just can't believe that you're there! Wierd!

Now that we have a new missionary here with us (her name is Sisar Ballif, and she's from San Diego) it's reminded me a lot of the MTC. She's been talking a lot about her experiences there, and I've been reminiscing a little bit about my experience as well-- but that was SO LONG ago! I cannot BELIEVE how fast time flies by. Seriously, a whole stinking year ago.

So this last week was an exciting one. We went to downtown Helsinki on Wednesday for a trainer's meeting, we all met the new missionaries that we would be training, and then it was back out into the field that night! Having Sisar Ballif here has been so awesome! She is seriously so wonderful. It's just funny the differences i notice in her from when I was a new missionary, or the differences in this companionship from the last time that I trained in a threesome-- not good or bad, just different! But Sisar Ballif's enthusiasm is so infectious! As hard as it is to believe, Sisar Shreeve and I are both becoming "old missionaries" and I think sometimes it's easy to lose sight of why exactly it is we're here or lose our fire and zeal for the work that we do. But I think that's why having Sisar Ballif here is the hugest blessing. It has definitely renewed my enthusiasm for the work that we do. This past week has been a blast. We're having a lot of fun, and seeing a lot of miracles!

One really cool thing that we get to do now as a threesome--and President Rawlings has asked us to do--is to go on splits with the members. It's really cool cause we can use our time more effectively and get twice as much work done! It takes a lot of coordination on our part, but I think it's really great. It helps get the ward members excited about missionary work, it provides us with a little variety in teaching situations (adventures, I might say :)), and it also helps that we know that we're only going to be in a threesome for 6 weeks--the number of sisters in the field will even out again next change. So we know that we're only going to have this opportunity for this short time, and we're trying to make the most of it!

So on Saturday I went on splits with a really neat ward member who served her mission in Greece while Sisar Shreeve and Sisar Ballif went to go contact a referral. We taught one of our investigators together about the sacrament and the importance of church attendance. Honestly, the teach didn't go super well, but at the same time, it was such an amazing experience for me. I learned a ton from the member, she taught really well, and after the teach we were walking home and she was telling me about how good it was for her to be involved in missionary work. That made it all worth it. And then she started spouting off all these ideas of things she could do to help this investigator come to church! It was amazing! I think a lot of good is going to come from it.

Well, I love you all! I hope you all have a great and yellow week!


Sisar Shaw

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