Monday, April 16, 2012


Hyvää Pääsiästä!

The days go by slowly, but the weeks go by quickly. Change calls come this Saturday! This change has flown by. Hard to believe that it's already been almost 6 weeks here in Haaga. I really am loving it here. Everyday's another new adventure :) (Oh and I wasn't able to email yesterday because the library was closed... Finns like to take long holiday weekends)

This last week was really good--most weeks are, I suppose. Sini continues to progress really well. Teaching her is such a joy! When I asked her if she had read the chapter in the Book of Mormon that we assigned her, she laughed and said "kolme kertaa!" (3 times!) She really is hungering and thirsting after righteousness. As we walked into her house for one of our teaches last week, the Mormon Music Channel was playing in the background. When I asked how her week went, she spoke of how all she does in her spare time is read-- the Book of Mormon, the Liahona, the pamphlets that we've given her and other church books. We gave her a triple combination this week, and she was so excited! She said she had never held the Doctrine and Covenants in her hands before! Her enthusiasm for the gospel is so infectious.

We had a really special experience on Saturday-- special for a lot of reasons. To start, right before I left the MTC, I asked one of my teachers what the happiest moment on his mission was. He started tearing up as he spoke of a man who he taught and baptized while serving as AP in Helsinki. Well, on Saturday I was able to witness that man's rebaptism. He removed his records from the church a little over a year ago, but like Sini, is ready this time around. Sini came along with us to the baptismal service, and it was a really cool thing for her to see someone else making the same changes in their life. At the service, he was given the gift of the holy ghost and the priesthood at the same time. During one of the talks, the speaker said that they did it that way because now all of the blessings of being a member of the church were restored to him as if he had never left. While talking to Sini afterwards, she said that she really liked that-- she is so excited that these blessings will be restored to her as if she had never left.

We also had the opportunity to attend the temple this week-- another perk of serving here in Helsinki! I love the temple, especially in Finnish :) Sad we can't attend more often!

Mom, it was really cool to hear of all the people you ran into. I still think about Diana Donadare's talk from time to time. She is such an incredible lady! And I haven't met Hannah Marriot yet-- and the name doesn't sound very familiar. She might be a member in one of the Espoo wards. It's also fun to hear about Tyler getting excited for Bolivia! I remember when that was me getting ready for Finland... a whole year ago :) It's such an exciting time! Oh, by the way, one of the members here-- I think I told you about him before, he served his mission in Dallas, spanish speaking-- anyways, he and his family lived for a while in Bolivia. I was excited to tell him about Tyler's mission call.

Anyways, we had a great easter here. Filled with way too much chocolate given to us from members-- but we solved that problem by pouring all of our chocolate through the Elder's mail slot. Finnish culture fact for the week: there's a traditional Finnish easter dish here called Mämmi. It's pretty gross, but Finns love it. It basically rye bread, but in liquid form. We ate it with some members last week, and the wife spoke of how much she loved mämmi-- and now I know why. She drenched it in cream and sugar. So the dish should really be called cream--with a hint of mämmi :) And you know, it's not too bad with a little (or a lot) of cream and sugar.

Well, have a great week teamshaw! And HAPPY TO MADDY! (haha.) Hope you have a great birthday, Madeline!


 Sisar Shaw

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