Tuesday, March 13, 2012

February 27th, 2012

Moi! (thought I'd switch it up!)

So good to hear from you all! Dad, it sounds like you are having the time of your life living so close to BYU. That musical number in Kyle and Tess' ward sounds like it was awesome. We sang an arrangement of Jesus, Lover of My Soul when I was in women's chorus. It still gets stuck in my head from time to time. Sometimes I think that I should do women's chorus again when I get back from my mission... but there's also a million bajillion other things I want to do... we'll see.

So, a couple days ago officially marked 9 months for me as a missionary. I've officially reached the halfway point. CRAZY! I don't know what to think about it. It seems to have flown by, but when I think about all that's happened and all that I've learned in that amount of time, it seems to be an eternity.

But anyways, this past week was absolutely wonderful. One of the highlights was my 6-month kieli koulu (language school.) We have two kieli koulu's on our mission-- one 6 weeks after we get to Finland, and one 6 months after. It's a chance to learn from each other about the language and evaluate what we can do to better learn this language. But mainly, it's an excuse to see your MTC group again and have fun. It was so good to be with my MTC group again. They're the greatest. Kind of hard to believe that I spent 3 months in a classroom with them-- but I loved my MTC experience. So I got to take a train (woo-hoo!) and spend the day in Helsinki with some of my favorite people. So wonderful.

And then another highlight from this week was our teach we had with the older couple we are teaching. It's sometimes hard to gauge their level of interest, and I was a little nervous for our teach. We watched the Joseph Smith Restoration DVD with them, and it ended up probably being the best teach we've ever had with them. They expressed to us how good they feel when they meet with us, and how they really want to come to church. It was really good to hear, and afterwards, I couldn't stop smiling. It's amazing to me how as a missionary I am filled with so much love for these people who I barely know.

Life really is a beautiful thing. I'm coming to learn more and more about treasuring the every-day, little moments. The Lord did not send us here to be miserable. We are to find joy in the journey :)

I love you all!
Sisar Shaw

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