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February 13th, 2012


Things are warming up here in Finland. It got up all the way to -4 yesterday. I was burning up! It was great to hear that you all studied out of Preach My Gospel last week. It is such a great book, and not just for full-time missionaries! Recently as we've met with active members, we've been teaching out of Preach My Gospel to help the members get into the book more, so it was great to hear that you are all doing the same thing! One of my favorite chapters in PMG is chapter 6, about christ-like attributes. It makes for a great personal study :)

Yesterday I actually gave my first talk in Finnish in sacrament meeting about the christ-like attribute of love. It is something I've been focusing on a lot lately, and it was nice to share a few of my thoughts with the ward members here in Tampere. I was filled with a lot of love as I sat on the stand and looked out at the congregation. I have come to love this ward so much as I've served among them for the past 6 months. As I spoke to them, I prayed that they would all be able to feel my love for them. But they'll probably never really know just how much they mean to me. They are awesome.

This past week we had a wonderful zone conference. Big meetings like that can always be exhausting, but I always look forward to them so much because I learn so much. The biggest thing I learned from this one was probably this: (I think you all will like it :)) President and Sister Rawlings shared with us their 3 family mottos that they would repeat to their children as they were growing up.
1. Life is an adventure
2. It will be good for your character
3. Rejoice in all things
President Rawlings then related the story of one of his daughters (who I actually worked with last year in the CTL!) who called him one day and told him that over the next 6 days she had X amount of tests to take and X amount of papers to write and a bunch of stuff to do at work, and she didn't know how she was going to complete it all. I think every college student can relate to that only too well. President Rawlings smiled and asked "Marja, have you forgotten?" His daughter replied with "You're right! I forgot!" And then recited back to him their 3 family mottos. And everything worked out!

Their 3 family mottos helped me out a ton this past week. One day, we were running out to the bus stop before a teach with one of our investigators, and we missed the bus by about a minute or so. The next one wouldn't come for another 20 minutes, so we were going to be a little late to our teach. I tried to remain calm and said "no big deal, we'll just call our investigator and our member who's coming along and let them know we'll be a little late." But then we all looked through our bags and realized that we left our phone at the apartment, and although we had to wait a while for our bus, it wasn't enough time to go back to our apartment to get the phone. I normally probably would have been pretty annoyed at the situation, but I laughed and said to my companions "Life is an adventure. It will be good for your character. Rejoice in all things." We were all able to laugh, and everything worked out. We were late to the teach, but our member and investigator waited for us, and the teach went well. I think the miracle of it all is that I was happy.

Well family, I love you. I look forward to your emails every week. They always brighten my day :) I hope everything continues to go well with the move. I am praying for you every day.

Sisar Shaw

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