Wednesday, February 8, 2012

January 30th, 2012


So someone in Men's Chorus got his mission call to Helsinki? You should let him know that he's coming to the best mission in the world! What a lucky guy! And congrats to Bill! I can't believe that Tyler's friends are all going on missions now--and soon Tyler! I remember when I thought missionaries were so old. Now I can't believe how young they are!

Well, this last week was pretty good. We had some great teaches with our investigators--my favorite was probably when we gave a church tour to this older couple--probably in their 60's. Anyways, we've been teaching them for a while now, and honestly we haven't seen much progress with them. But the church tour was really great because it showed some sort of dedication on their part-- they had to drive out all the way to the church building on a day that was one of those "so cold I would rather stay inside" days. But they came! Seeing them walk up to the church building was a very, very good feeling. I was filled with a lot of love. We showed them around the building and we ended in the chapel where we sang "Oon Lapsi Jumalan" ("I am a child of God") to them as they sat in the pews. It was a great experience.

We also had an experience this week that made me think of you all. We helped a couple in our ward move, which was actually a lot of fun. But it was still a very time-consuming and energy-consuming activity--and we were only helping two people move just across the town. I really don't envy the move that you are all making right now, but my sympathies go out to you all and I hope you are receiving lots and lots of help.

Time continues to roll right along as I am soon approaching the half-way mark of my mission in just a few weeks. Can you believe it? These past 9 months have flown by as I look back on all of the growth I've made and lessons I've learned and miracles I've seen. I'm really excited to see what the next 9 months bring! I hope you are all excited as well. Many changes will take place in our family in that same amount of time-- 2 new babies will be welcomed into the world, a new start will begin as you move to Utah and we'll soon have another missionary in the family! (Tyler, I seriously cannot wait for you to get your call!) The future is very bright. I love that quote from President Monson--something along the lines of "Remember, the future is as bright as your faith."

I hope you all have a bright and shining week :)


Sisar Shaw

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