Wednesday, February 8, 2012

January 23rd, 2012


Dad, it was so crazy to hear about your new adventures in Utah! I still can't believe that this is all happening. I hope you are all doing well and aren't stressing out too much :) I'm sure you are all experiencing blessings in spite of all the hardships. It is a little difficult to be away right now. I really wish I could be there to help out. But I'm sure that what I am doing right now in Finland is the best thing I could be doing for my family-- both present and future! I love you all :)

This past week was very fun and exciting. It all started with a 7:00 a.m. train ride to Helsinki on Tuesday. Do you want to know something really nerdy about me? I love the Finnish train system. I can't explain why, but every train ride I take fills me with joy :) haha. So we arrived in Helsinki Tuesday morning for a 2-day leadership training meeting. It was so great to be around President and Sister Rawlings and several of the other missionaries I am so privileged to serve with here in Finland. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. We spent the nights in Haaga (the sister missionaries' apartment in Helsinki). 7 sisters all sharing the same apartment was quite the experience, but we all had a great time.

Then on Thursday, while the new missionaries had "kieli koulu" (language school), their trainers were blessed with the opportunity to attend the Helsinki temple. This was my first time to attend the temple here in Finland, and I loved it. I realized how much I missed the temple-- kind of a bummer after 12 weeks in the MTC of attending the temple every week and then rarely having the opportunity to go in the field. But it was a really beautiful experience, and we are so blessed to have a temple here in Finland! Words can't do the experience justice. The Helsinki temple is just beautiful, and the Finnish language is just beautiful. So wonderful.

It's always hard after such amazing experiences to go back "home"-- but it is good to be back in Tampere, and after receiving change calls on Friday, I found out that I will still be in Tampere for at least 6 more weeks! I have a feeling that this might be my last transfer in Tampere, but we'll see.

Oh, here's a random story that illustrates just how awesome Finland and the Finnish people are. I left a bag of my stuff on the train between the mission office at Neitsytpolku and the apartment in Haaga where we were staying the night. It was a little stressful, but I came to experience for myself the honesty that this country has a reputation for! We went to this "lost and found" place that was just filled with bags and umbrellas and all sorts of stuff that people had left in public transportation places, and sure enough, my bag was there!

Well, I love you all. Have a great and yellow week :)


Sisar Shaw

7 Sisters 1 Apartment

CTR - Valitse Oikea
At The Temple

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