Sunday, December 11, 2011

November 28th - 6 Months


Family, can I just say how much I love you? My letters home once a week don't seem to do it justice. Just know that I love you all, very very much. It just makes me happy to hear from you all every week and hear what everyone is up to. I'm so glad you all had a fun thanksgiving. I can just imagine Tyler and Arianna hanging out together. (and that picture of Adam is so cute! haha.)

We were really blessed to spend thanksgiving with a family here in Tampere-- and probably 20 or so of their close friends and family as well. It was a lot of fun. The food was delicious, everyone went around the table and said what they were grateful for, we shared a message about gratitude and then everyone sang while I played the piano. Then the next day we had a lunch appointment with another lady in our ward-- and she surprised us with a thanksgiving meal as well! We are definitely well taken care of here.

The highlight of my week was probably the teach that we had with our investigator who is originally from Albania. We read from the Book of Mormon with her-- we read from our Finnish copies while she read along in Albanian. She spoke with us about how she grew up in Albania where religion was forbidden. She told us of the first time she ever read from the bible and a bunch of other neat experiences that have helped to build her testimony of God. Our member who came along with us told her that Heavenly Father is mindful of her, and because he knew that she was searching for truth, sent the missionaries to her. Yes!!! I love it when members just say the right thing at the right time. Our investigator prayed for the first time with us, and it was a really beautiful prayer. Our member told her that her prayer was "täydellinen" (perfect), to which our investigator replied that it "just came" to her. One of those experiences that makes me grateful to be a missionary.

Mom, thanks for sharing those quotes from President Uchtdorf. While I love all talks from general conference, his talks have always had a special place in my heart and always seem to speak to me more than anyone elses. I was reading one of his talks recently in personal study called "Continue in Patience." Here was a quote from it that really stuck out to me:

"As the Lord is patient with us, let us be patient with those we serve. Understand that they, like us, are imperfect. They, like us, make mistakes. They, like us, want others to give them the benefit of the doubt."

That's actually something that I've come to learn as a missionary. I have felt of the Lord's patience with me, for which I am so grateful. And I am constantly reminded that I am imperfect, I have been called to serve with imperfect people and to teach imperfect people. But the gospel message which we share is perfect! I am so grateful to have it in my life.

I love you all!


Sisar Shaw

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