Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

Things are going really really well with our family from Angola. I'm just so uplifted every time we meet with them. It's been harder to meet with them because they're both really busy, and there's hardly any time when they're home together. They didn't come to church yesterday, and it was the first time they hadn't come since we started teaching them. We called them to see if they were coming, and the mom said she was sick. We were way bummed because we were planning on teaching them during the sunday school hour since we weren't really able to teach them last week. So, we drove out to their house and dropped off a dessert that we had made. If nothing else, it was just really good to see them, and we were able to set up a teach with them for tonight! They are seriously the coolest. When we set up the teach the dad said that they really wanted to learn more and hear what they missed at church! Things are still looking good for their baptism on the 22nd!

We had a couple other pretty cool experiences this week. We've had this investigator, I'll call her Marja, who we've been teaching since we got here and a couple weeks ago we had a teach with her where she basically told us that she didn't want to waste our time anymore because she doesn't want to get baptized. We were pretty sad about that, but things honestly ended about as well as they could have. Then, Sister Herde and I were invited to the Zone Leader/District Leader meeting in Helsinki this week and I was talking with one of the elders who is serving in Helsinki right now and he said "Hey, I heard you're teaching Marja right now!" (Marja's mom is a recent convert in Helsinki, so that's probably how he found out.) I kind of smiled and said "Well, not anymore, she dropped us last week." He looked really surprised and said that he had heard that Marja and her little sister were planning on going to general conference, but Marja fell and hit her head and ended up in the hospital! We were really worried about her, so we called her the next day to see how she was doing and she sounded a lot better. It was hard to hear her voice on the phone because we realized how much we missed her! So we made some dessert and took it over to her apartment that night. She was really excited to see us and said that she had been really wanting something sweet, but wasn't able to go to the store. She then asked us when we could meet with her this week! We were shocked to hear that, but really happy nonetheless! So we have a teach set up with her for tomorrow!

Okay, story number 3: We didn't have anything planned for Saturday which, as a missionary usually means a day full of tracting. So, we started tracting for a few hours, but nothing was happening. We took a little break to pray and we felt good about traveling across town to go check up on a potential investigator. At the bus stop, a man approached us and started talking to us before we could approach him! We talked for a little bit, got on the bus, and continued talking on the bus. He even handed us his phone number before we could ask for it! We then had to switch busses to get where we wanted to go and we started talking to a girl who was probably in her 20's. We started talking about the Book of Mormon and asked when she had time for us to explain it more. Her reply was "now." So, we gave a lesson about the Book of Mormon right there on the bus! She said that she already had a copy of the Book of Mormon, but now she really wanted to read it. By the time we got to our potential investigator's apartment, she wasn't even home, but it was just cool to see the Lord place people in our path that day.

Have a great week and remember-- it's better to look up!


Sisar Shaw

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