Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 4 (June 22)

I've hit the month mark! Crazy! The weeks continue to fly by here. This is a pretty exciting one here at the MTC because it is the new mission president's seminar. So, I will get to meet my new mission president on Friday! Also--President Brown (President of the MTC) ate lunch with me and my district yesterday and told us to be early to the devotional on Friday...which probably means it's going to be an apostle. Can't wait to find out who!
Congratulations to Daniel! He will love it here for sure. I will miss him by 9 days... I leave on August 8th. Maddy, it was good to hear that girls camp was "mahtava"! To answer your question, yes I have my wallet and no my iPod is not in it. Please find it soon :) Tyler and Erica, have fun at Jubilee! (I'm sure you will just be happy that it's over... but you should try to enjoy it too!)
This is my companion, Sisar Christofferson's last week here. She leaves for Finland on Sunday. She is more than ready to leave, so these next few days will be hard for her. It's sad for me to think about because I've only known the MTC with her here! We will be getting a new group of Finns in a couple weeks, so it's weird to think that I'll be the "mama finn" soon. Minä rakastan soumea kieli! (I love the finnish language... That sentence is wrong though because "suomea" is the partitive form of "Finnish," but it needs to be in the partitive genitive form in that sentence, but I can't remember what that is...) That just gives you a little taste of the mental process that has to take place when you speak Finnish. My elders and I were joking this week about how the hardest part about Finnish is probably that everytime you form a sentence, a philosophical battle goes on in your head. My elders are hilarious. I am often moved to tears because I'm laughing so hard... and everytime I do, they all roll their eyes and say "oh no, here she goes again." They're great though. One of the elders in my district, Elder Manwaring, has made a game out of stealing my meal card from me. Usually it's not a big deal, but one day this week he stole my meal card before lunch, and then forgot that he did! So, he and all the other elders left for lunch while Sisar Christofferson and I were tearing through all my stuff trying to find it. She asked me if I thought Vanhin Manwaring had taken it, but I didn't think he would just take off for lunch and not tell me. Eventually, I went to lunch and just gave the cafeteria staff my ID number. Vanhin Manwaring asked me where my card was, and I told him "en tiedä!" (I don't know!) I think it was in that moment that he remembered it was in his pocket... but he still didn't tell me. Later in the classroom, my teacher was telling me I could just get a new card, and Vanhin Manwaring said "Sisar Shaw, I think if you search the scriptures, you'll find your answer." He had stuck my ID card in my Mormonin Kirja (Book of Mormon). Anyways, that story gives you an idea of the 19 year old boys I am privileged to spend all day every day with. They're actually really great, I'm really impressed with the Elders in my district. But they're definitely 19.
Have a great week, everyone! When do you leave for Bear Lake? I have some pictures that are currently developing, so I will hopefully send you those in the next few days! I think you will enjoy putting faces to these names I keep talking about.
Minä rakastan teitä!
Moro Poro! (That's the Finnish equivalent of "later, alligator!" It literally means "Later, reindeer!")
Sisar Shaw

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