Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 3 (June 9- June 15)

Wow, 3 weeks! If I were an english speaking sister, I would already be out in the field. Crazy! The time really flies by here. I can distinctly remember a couple of things that Steven said about the MTC while he was here, even though that was almost 8 years ago. The first was that the days go by slowly, but the weeks go by fast. So true! Our days are sooooo long, but it feels like I just had P-day yesterday, and here it is again! The second thing is that you don't come to appreciate Sunday as the day of rest until you go to the MTC... also very true! Sundays here are awesome, and definitely a needed rest from an otherwise stressful week. Something that I really love about sundays here is that I get to play piano at our sacrament meeting. I've always wanted that calling, and I have a pretty unique opportuniy here because I'm the only person in our branch that can play the piano! (With the exception of an elder who is a piano performance major, but he plays the piano for priesthood.)
Alright, first things first: SO glad to hear that the Mavs won!!! I'm sure it was all thanks to Adam and his adorable Dirk Nowitzki jersey. Thanks for your letter, I really love hearing from you guys. Don't feel like you need to limit yourself to sending me a dear elder only once a week :) Erica and Maddy--have fun at girls camp! I would love to hear how it goes. I always loved girls camp, I'm sure it will be spiritually uplifting and tons of fun! Maddy, it was a little disheartening for me to hear that you don't know where my iPod is because I'm 100% sure that you were the last person to use it before I left... you better find it!!! (Vitsi vain... just kidding. But seriously.) Tyler, how is the job hunt going? Tess, I can't believe you let Kyle touch your hair, let alone cut it!!! Haha, I would love to see a picture! Speaking of pictures, hopefully I will send you some soon, but sometimes the Photo machine here is out of order...
An update on life here at the MTC: I continue to love it here, but Finnish continues to be a struggle. I can read and speak the language really well, but forming grammatically correct sentences is a completely different story! And the more grammar principles I learn, the more I realize how much room there is for error! Suomi on vaikea! (Finnish is difficult!) I want to explain a little more about teaching our progressing investigators. Our "progressing investigators" are our teachers role-playing people that they taught on their missions. We started teaching our first progressing investigator, Passi, during our first week--completely in Finnish, which was insane, but I can see the wisdom in it. We committed him to baptism in helmakku (February) instead of heinakku (July)! Oops! We're still learning :) We picked up 2 new investigators last week--Mikko and Hannah. Teaching is probably one of my favorite parts of the MTC because it so closely resembles what we will be doing in the field, but it's also really stressful, cause we still don't know Finnish! Because we are teaching 5 days a week, I can see how much progress we are making which is really cool. We can understand most of the questions that our investiagtors are asking us now, but we still struggle trying to form answers in Finnish.

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