Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week 2 (June 2- June 8)

Sounds like a congratulations are in order for Tyler, Erica, Madeline and Adam! I loved reading your email. Reading the email is part of my 30 minutes however, so i would reccomend sending me a letter through It's just as quick as sending an email, but I will receive it a lot sooner (so maybe send it by Tuesday at noon?) and then I will have the full half hour to write you guys!
I still love it here. I continue to learn and grow everyday, it truly is amazing. Maddy, I was actually able to read most of your google-translated Finnish! Pretty cool. However, you typed in "finish" instead of "Finnish" so that didn't translate over very well :)
Although I learn so much and every day is valuable, the days still seem to pass by without anything too out of the ordinary, so i don't have any cool stories to tell you (yet!) but i thought you might enjoy hearing about what a typical week is like here at the MTC. Wednesdays are P-days, and they are AWESOME. They are definitely needed after a full week of non-stop class and study and more study and more class. It is pretty much our only day where we have personal time, although most of that time is spent doing laundry and writing letters. We also get to go to the temple on P-days. On most other days, we have 6 hours of classroom instruction, which includes language instruction, Preach My Gospel instruction, and teaching our progressing investigators (suomeksi--in Finnish!) We also have an hour of language study everyday and at least one hour of personal study. We usually also have an hour of TALL time (Technology Assisted Language Learning... I think.) Basically we sit at a computer, learn some new phrases and vocabulary and listen to ourselves attempt to say it. On Sundays and Tuesdays we have devotionals in the evenings. Those are a nice break from everything else as well. Last night, Brother Kikuchi of the seventy spoke to us. I'm pretty sure he spoke in a recent general conference. Anyways, his devotional was awesome, and he shared his conversion story which was my favorite part. We have an hour of gym everyday except Sunday, which is also very much needed. I will usually go for a run, do weights or play four-square. My companion Sisar Christofferson and I also like to go to the early morning excercise class for sister missionaries. Even though it's at 6 in the morning, it's totally worth it. It's a great start to the day. Today, it was aerobics. Other days we have a step class, yoga, pilates, stretching and toning and kickboxing! Sundays here at the MTC are great. For relief society, we get to listen to music and the spoken word and then all of the sisters in the MTC  listen to a speaker together... last week it was Susan W. Tanner! We have sacrament meeting as a small branch, and I actually got to play piano last week. After sacrament meeting, we go on a walk up to the temple grounds.
Well, I'm not sure if I covered everything and my time is almost up! I'll try to be a little more organized next week, sorry if my email sounds a little scattered :) I love you guys! Happy summer to you all!
Sisar Shaw

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